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A speech in support of a toast to Robert Burns delivered at the St Andrew’s Society of Scotland (Queensland) Burns Supper Glasgow Room, United Service Club Brisbane Friday, 22 January 2016.

The Honourable Justice Logan RFD
A Judge of the Federal Court of Australia1

In Centenary Place, Brisbane, in the inner-city block bounded by Wickham, Ann and Gotha Streets, is to be found a statue of the Scottish bard, Robert Burns.

Our Brisbane statue is one of eight statues or busts in Australia which stand as memorials to Burns. There are four Burns statues in New Zealand, nine in Canada, 16 in the United States of America and one in England (in London). Scotland itself has 20 statues or other memorials to Burns.2

That there are so many outside Scotland is eloquent proof of the enduring wisdom of a medieval French proverb, “Rats, lice and Scotsmen: you find them the whole world over”.3 The genus rattus also commended itself to an observer of Highlanders on the Victorian goldfields in the 1850s, “Poor as rats at home, they are as rapacious as rats abroad”.4

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The Society held our AGM on 2 October at Emmanuel College. Chief outcome is the annual appointments of office bearers to both the Board and Council. The appointments for 2012 - 2013 were as follows:
  • President: Ian Ferguson
  • Vice-President: Jack Vaudin
  • Secretary: Alistair McNee
  • Assistant Secretary: Jack Vaudin
  • Treasurer: Alex McConnell
  • Patron: Bruce McPherson
  • Chieftain: Doug Porteous
  • Chaplain: Vacant
  • Public Officer: Geoff Gunn
  • Solictor: Andrew Muir
  • Auditor: Ivor Worrell
  • Editor: Jim Worrell
  • Assistant Editor: James Worrell
  • Web site: John Petrie
  • Council Chair: Don Galloway
  • Council Deputy Chair: Jim Worrell

Peter Keddie The Sunshine coast Branch of the Society of The St Andrew of Scotland, hosted Scots in the Afternoon at the LattE Da Cafe, Landsborough on Saturday September 1. The Guests were treated to a great afternoons entertainment by Bruce Mitchell, Accordionist, Brian Bisset, Vocalist, the Sunshine Coast Caledonian Pipes & Drums, a Drumming Duo by two of the Band Members and some fine Community Singing.

The Highlight of the afternoon was the Sunshine Coast Branch presentation of the David Pearson Memorial Bursary to a Member of the Sunshine Coast Caledonian Pipes & Drums. This Bursary is awarded each year to a member of the Band to be used for extra tuition. The recipient is nominated by the Band so it came as a pleasant surprise to myself and the Committee, when we were told who had been nominated. As President of the Branch, it gave me great pleasure in presenting the Bursary to Piper, Peter Keddie, who is also our Branch Secretary. Peter is a highly respected Member of the Society, the Sunshine Coast Branch, the Pipe Band and a most deserving recipient of the Bursary.

The Editors are pleased to release the Society's Annual Report "Shoulder to Shoulder" covering the membership year of 2011 - 2012. Members are encouraged to download the report from the Society web site. (PDF - 4.25Mb)

With our continued push to 'digitise' the Society so as to reduce costs and improve service, we have changed the format of our annual report, the "Shoulder to Shoulder" to an A4 colour document that members can now download! This will save in the order of $4,500 per annum which can be better directed to furthering the aims of the Society as opposed to 'wasted' on printing and distribution costs.

The preparation of this year's document has already started and we will have it ready for adoption at the AGM and published soon thereafter.

Download the "2011 Shoulder to Shoulder" from the Society web site.

The Society and Emmanuel College are offering a piping scholarship at the College within the The University of Queensland.

The scholarship recipient(s) will be awarded a scholarship of part relief of fees and will be a student who has been accepted into any discipline at the University, shows sound academic ability and superior talent as a piper.

The Society and the College will jointly provide a scholarship of $4,000 for part relief of residence fees.

The band, currently numbering around 25 male and female members, regularly represents the University and College at events and competitions, achieving fourth place in its grade at the 2012 Australian Pipe Band Championships.

The Society is extremely proud to offer this scholarship, promoting Scottish culture and awareness in our region.

Read more about The University of Queensland Pipe Band.

With the worst of winter behind us (hopefully!), there is still plenty of time to get in a hearty meal.

Scotch broth is a cheap, filling, easy to make soup. It is also rumoured to have healing properties. It is a slow cooker and great the next day.

Scotch Broth

Ingredients (serves 6 - 8)

1kg neck of lamb (or shanks or cut of your choice)
125g of split peas (soaked overnight)
125g of lentils (soaked overnight)
125g pearl barley (soaked overnight)
250g diced carrots
250g diced turnips
1 leek (the white) sliced
1 diced stalk of celery
2 diced potatoes
bay leaf
2 litres of water
salt and white pepper (to taste)
chopped parsley and bread to serve


1. Put the water and lamb in a large stock pot and bring to the boil.

2. Once boiling, skim off excess fat that should be floating to the top.

3. Add the lentils, split peas and barley while continuing to skim. Return to the boil.

4. After an hour, add remaining ingredients and continue to simmer for another 90 minutes.

5. with 30 minutes remaining, remove the meat from the pot and shred it, putting back all the good bits.

When serving, add some chopped parsley. Have some fresh crusty bread on the side.

by Angus Edmonds OAM

At the 2011 AGM of The Society of St Andrew of Scotland (Queensland) Incorporated, I was pleased to move a resolution, seconded by Jack Vaudin and passed unanimously, to recognise the centenary of the founding of Emmanuel College within The University of Queensland.

Mindful of the long association between this Society and Emmanuel College within The University of Queensland, and recognising Emmanuel College’s important role in supporting and promoting higher and Christian education within this State, both as a university residential college and as the home of the theological hall of the Presbyterian Church, as well as its nurturing of university students to achieve their potential in their chosen professions and in their persons, the Society is pleased to congratulate Emmanuel College on its centenary of foundation and wishes the College continuing success. The Society commends also the Principal, Professor Stewart Gill, on the interesting and appropriate events he has organised for the centenary celebrations and congratulates him on his leadership of the College, assuring him of the Society’s continuing support for the College as he leads and guides its development as the College enters its second century as The University of Queensland’s premier college.

The Gold Coast Branch of The Society of St Andrew of Scotland is pleased to invite you and your guests to our Annual St Andrews Race Day

Venue: Gold Coast Turf Club—exclusive use of the Winners Circle

Date: Saturday, 20th November 2010

Time: 12.00 noon start

Events: 7 Race Programme

Dress: Smart Casual (wear something Tartan if possible)

The Winter 2010 edition of Albannaich is now available online. You can browse inline, or download the magazine for printing or off-line viewing.

The Spring 2009 edition of Albannaich is now available online. You can browse inline, or download the magazine for printing or off-line viewing.

The Winter 2009 edition of Albannaich is now available online. You can browse inline, or download the magazine for printing or off-line viewing.