At the October 2005 meeting, about fifty members of the Queensland Highland Piping Society were present for a joint meeting with the Celtic Celebration Committee.

President Reg O'Malley introduced the evening and mentioned the final of the coming Knockout Contest, along with a qualifying match. He then handed over to Tom McGirr from the Celtic Celebration Committee, to compare for the rest of the evening.

Tom explained some details about the contest and the final to be held in next May in the QIA (Irish Club) before introducing the judge for the evening, Graeme Bilsland, Pipe Major of the New Zealand Police Band. He then introduced the first competitor, Matthew Supranowicz. The first element to be played was a March, Strathspey and Reel. The other competitors, in order, were Bruce Grice, Hazel Osborne, Ken Wallace, David Greenhalgh, Darin Cook, Cory Dale and Jordan Whicker. The second round saw the playing of a Hornpipe and Jig.

 The Celtic Celebration Committee announced that they had decided this year to nominate five rather that the usual three entrants from Queensland into the Australasian final.

The placegetters were:

1. Cory Dale

2. Darin Cook

3. Matthew Supranowicz

4. David Greenhalgh

5. Hazel Osborne