The 2006 Edinburgh Tattoo

The Queensland Police Pipes and Drums Band is jetting off to Scotland later this year to perform in the prestigious '2006 Edinburgh Military Tattoo'. The band will serve as the only Australian representative at the 2006 tatoo.

A contingent of twenty-three, consisting of a drum major, thirteen (13) pipers and nine (9) drummers will perfrom in the year's event during August, before a crowd of 217,000 and a world wide television audience of 100 million.

The cost of attending the event is expected to be about $75,000, which will be met by the band's supporters association. In May, the band performed a special 'Echoes of Edinburgh' concert at the Brisbane City Hall to help raise money towards the cost of the trip.

The Queensland State Government has donated $43,000 towards new uniforms. "This is a big deal, because the last time the band went to the Edinburgh Tattoo was in 1975", said the Police Minister Judy Spence, during a special performance of the band in the Queen Street Mall.