The Patron of our Society

Professor Ian Frazer

The Patron of the Society fo St Andrew of Scotland (Qld) is Professor Ian Frazer.

Professor Ian Frazer was born in 1953 in Glasgow, Scotland, into an academic family. He studied medicine at Edinburgh University and trained as a renal physician and clinical immunologist. He received a BSc(Med) in 1974 and an MB ChB in 1977. In 1974, as part of his studies, Frazer spent three months at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne. In 1981 Frazer returned to the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute where he continued his clinical training and undertook studies in viral immunology and autoimmunity and became particularly interested in human papilloma viruses (HPV). In 1985 he took up a teaching position with the University of Queensland. When he moved to Brisbane he decided to continue his work with HPV, in particular HPV and cervical cancer. He was awarded a MD from the University of Melbourne in 1988. The work of Frazer with his colleague, the late molecular virologist Dr Jian Zhou, has led to the development of a vaccine which prevents infection with HPV and cervical cancer.

Frazer is currently CEO and Director of Research at the Translational Research Institute (TRI).


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Previous Patrons of the Society:


The Honourable Bruce H. McPherson, C.B.E.


The Honourable Bruce Harvey McPherson was the immediate past Patron of the Society. He died on Monday, 7 October 2013, at the age of 77 years.

The Honourable Bruce McPherson served as Judge of Appeal, Queensland Court of Appeal (1991–2006), Senior Puisine Judge, Supreme Court of Queensland (1990–1991), and Judge, Supreme Court of Queensland (1982–1990).

Having retired from the Court of Appeal, he was honoured with a Festschrift honouring his contribution to the State of Queensland and the legal system. It was only the fifth time in Australian history and the second time in Queensland that a Festschrift – where elite members of a profession contribute essays on subjects where the recipient excelled – has been used to honour a retiree. (It is noted that the only other Queenslander to be honoured with a Festschrift is also a member of the Society of St Andrew of Scotland [Queensland], Maj. Gen. Prof. John Pearn.)

Justice McPherson, who served as a Supreme Court Justice from 1982, was the last remaining member of Queensland’s original Court of Appeal, formed in 1991. He was made Senior Puisine Judge in 1990 and took silk as a QC in 1995. Justice McPherson continued to sit on the Appeals Courts of a number of South Pacific nations after his retirement.

Mr Justice McPherson retired on September 22 having presided over some of the most important appeal judgements in Queensland history. A total of 29 legal figures have contributed to the Festschrift including the High Court’s Chief Justice Murray Gleeson, the High Court’s Justice Ian Callinan and Queensland’s Chief Justice Paul de Jersey.

The Festschrift has been hailed by some of the world’s leading legal figures. Britain’s former Lord of Appeals in ordinary, Lord Millett of St Marylebone said the Festschrift was a timely honour for an outstanding judge who was perhaps the greatest produced in Queensland. The former Solicitor General for England and Wales Professor Ross Cranston said it was a fine tribute to an outstanding scholar and judge. The Board of Governors, the Executive Council and all members of the Society of St Andrew of Scotland (Queensland) extend very best wishes to Bruce and Jackie with the many years of retirement ahead. (Although I’m sure Judge McPherson will not have an idle retirement).


198? - 2004

The Honourable Sir Walter Benjamin Campbell AC, QC. Dso Mc Ma Llb


Sir Walter Campbell was an Australian judge, administrator and governor. He was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Queensland, Chancellor of the University of Queensland, and Governor of Queensland

Walter Benjamin Campbell was born in Burringbar NSW 4 March 1921.  He was a judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland, Chancellor of the University of Queensland and Governor of Queensland.

He attended St Mary’s College for his early and intermediate education. He attended Downlands College 1937-1939 where he proved to be a model student and sportsman. He impressed his teachers at all levels of his education and was elected College Captain in his final year at Downlands.

He received an open scholarship to the University of Queensland in 1940 where he distinguished himself as a brilliant Law student.  In 1941 Sir Walter had an interruption to his studies to take up service in the Royal Australian Air Force.  He passed his pilot’s examination and was assigned to the 67th Reserve Squadron.  He graduated from University in 1948 with first class honours in Law. 

Walter Campbell’s career led him to the position of a leading Queens Counsel and Queensland Chief Justice.  His practice took him as high in the legal world as the Privy Council in London.   He was Chairman of the Remuneration Tribunal and Academic Salaries Tribunal (Commonwealth) from 1974. He was also President of the Bar Association of Queensland 1965-67, President of the Australian Bar Association 1966-67 and Member of the Executive Law Council of Australia 1965-67. He was Chancellor of the University of Queensland 1977 and a member of the Board of Faculty of Law in the University. He was a Director of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and a Deputy Director of the Queensland Theatre Company Trust from 1969.

Walter Campbell was appointed Governor of Queensland 22 July 1985. In his capacity as Governor he proved himself a doyen in the art of public relations, always carrying out his office with geniality and precision.

He enjoyed sport and delighted in fishing whenever the opportunity arrived. He was a member of the Royal Queensland Golf Club and always enjoyed any opportunity to be on the green.

Walter Campbell was appointed a Knight Bachelor in 1979.  He was appointed a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) in 1989 and on the 1st January 2001, he was awarded the Centenary Medal.

Sir Walter Benjamin Campbell passed away on the 4th September 2004, he was 83 years of age.

To read more about Sir Walter including an obituary please click Sir Walter Campbell