Ron Scott Esq D.Urr passed away on Saturday 2 June at the age of 83.

He was for many years, and up to his death, a member of the Executive Council and the Board of Governors of the Society of St Andrew of Scotland (Qld) Ltd. He had held a number of offices in the Society, including a long term as Treasurer and only retired as Chieftain recently. He had also been honoured as a Fellow of the Society and had been awarded the Australian Celtic Honour of D.Urr (Honoured Person) by the Celtic Council of Australia. He will be deeply missed.

Ron was a long standing identity in the Scottish, Pipe Band and Piping communities in Brisbane. He was a piper in the post-WWII St Andrew's Pipe Band and went on to be involved with the Red Hackle Pipe Band in the 1960s and was also a long standing member of the Queensland Highland Pipers' Society.

Our thoughts at this time are with his wife Irene and their family.

Ron Scott Esq DUrr

The following is the eulogy delivered by Doug Porteous:

I first met Ron Scott in the Boardroom of the Saint Andrews Hospital in 1985 when I attended my first Executive Council meeting of the Society of St Andrew of Scotland Queensland.

At that time Donald Mackie was the incumbent President of the Society and Lou Stevenson was the Chairman of the Executive Council.

My reflections on my association with Ron over the years since then is really governed by our mutual involvement in the Society however I can say that over this extended period of time we got to know each other fairly well both having a commitment to all things Scottish and most importantly to preserving the great Scottish heritage that we inherit from our forebears.

Ron joined the Society in 1971 .

He was appointed to the Executive Council in 1985 and took over the office of Treasurer.

He was appointed  to the Board of governors in 1986.

He was then appointed as Vice President in 1992 and held that position until the year 2000.   We were all keen to see Ron appointed to the position of President but being the private man that he was he always declined the offer.

Ron resigned as Treasurer in 1999 after holding this office with great distinction for 14 years.

Ron was Honoured as a Fellow of the society in 1997.

In the year 2000 he was appointed Chieftain and held that position until he resigned in 2008.

For those of you who may not know Ron was an accomplished piper playing with the St Andrews Ex servicemens Pipe Band.  He qualified as an ex serviceman due to the fact that his father Andrew served in the Military in the First World War. Ron was very proud that his father was the recipient of the Military Medal bestowed for demonstrating great coolness under heavy enemy shellfire whilst  driving a vehicle with supplies for the front line.

Being involved with a pipe band did nothing for Ron's regard for Drummers!!  It was a well known fact that he saw them only as a necessary evil!

Ron's forebears the Scott's were Scottish Borderers and renowned for raiding their English neighbours and rustling their cattle. Ron took great delight in this part of the Scott's family history and we often indulged in friendly banter over this interesting if not somewhat illegal part of the Scott family history. 

There is no doubt about his quick wit and sometimes wicked sense of humour.  I can remember at a Darling Downs Branch Dinner in Toowoomba when Ron as Chieftain was asked to speak on behalf of the Governing Body. The first thing he said was Good Evening Gentlemen,  firstly let me apologise for bringing Trevor Campbell along with me!!

There was another occasion that comes to mind when Ron was officiating as Chieftain of the Society attending a Pipe Band Competition at Wynnum.   He was walking across  the oval and came across a tent and a roped off area with a sign that said "Alchohol must be consumed in this area". Ron immediately made the comment when he saw this sign that it forced him to have a wee dram . Not surprisingly he took this as a license to have a few more during the course of the day, partaking of the amber fluid that he so dearly loved.

Ron would not suffer fools gladly he was always up front on any issue whatever it was.  I was reading the Courier Mail on Tuesday where there was an article on Steve Waugh, he said,  quote “I don’t get up and make Churchillian speeches. That is not my go. I am more one to one away from the spotlight “ unquote.   This article amazed me as I saw this as Ron to a tee!!  Behind the scenes always giving of his all, a wise head, providing considered advice and safe and secure counsel to anyone prepared to listen.

His contribution to the Society over the years can only be considered as priceless and his legacy will stay with us forever. I might also say here that behind every successful man is a supportive, loving and caring woman in Ron's case he was blessed to have Irene alongside him for over 60 years providing him with total support in all his endeavours.

Ron and Irene were supposed to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on the 31st  May this year, unfortunately Ron was in his 13th week at Wesley Hospital.

I can remember celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary back in 2002. We were all enjoying a grand night when Ron said to me come inside and look at some old photographs which were laid out on the dining room table.  Accompanied by his bottle of Scotch and tripping over the steps in the process (happy that the bottle remained intact) and heading into the dining room he duly sat himself down at the table with Joyce and I  starting to reminisce about the various photos.

A second later he slid sideways off the chair and being alongside him we were able to support him gently to the floor unconscious. Irene wasn’t worried as she said he does this all the time!!  We did however arrange for an ambulance and he spent the next few days in Wesley once again.

In the process of being discharged (as they could not find anything wrong with him) Ron had another attack which was immediately identified by the Medicos as a problem with his heart and a Pacemaker was duly installed.

He rang me some three months later after his first check up and asked me how many times did I think the pacemaker worked during that period.  My reaction was to say maybe 1000 times and he retorted how about 15million.

It goes to show that  we were all the beneficiaries of an extra 10 years thanks to the Medical staff at Wesley Hospital.

Ron the Lord will undoubtedly enjoy your company. 

Rest in peace dear friend you are already sadly missed.