{moszoomthumb imgid=1 style_m=2} Jack Vaudin,  the Society's Honorary Secretary, took charge of the Society's stand at International Tartan Day celebrated at Southbank on Sunday 2 July 2006. Jack was assisted by David Bolton, who was there at the start and had to leave mid-morning, and Don Galloway who was there from about 11am to the finish. Jack was able to stay all day. International Tartan Day is organised by the Australian Scottish Community Inc. The Society Banner and Flag were on display, along with supplies of the Society newsletter, 'Albannaich Queensland', applications for membership, and an information sheet 'About the Society'. Several people professed interest in joining and took away the application and information sheet.

{moszoomthumb imgid=2} Jack says, "I had six attractive tea towels (Scottish) on display and a lot of people wanted to buy them as they were 'a lot better than the other ones here today".  Two people went to the nearest ATM to get more money to buy all six. All in all our stand at International Tartan Day did quite well."