Enclosed please find a "Flyer" for our Darling Downs Branch "Ladies Night".  It is a matter of great regret that the details were not all in place for this information to be included in the last additional of Almanaich. 

The venue this year is what is now known as "The Coffee House" in Hume Street Toowoomba.  This is the former "Laguna" which as the function centre that it then was, was the venue for the foundation function of the Darling Downs Branch.

It has now been refurbished into a really magnificent venue with a high standard of "In House" catering.  We have arranged live music through well known Scot's musician John Colville so it should be an outstanding evening.

Our Branch has resolved to dedicate the function to the aid of the Toowoomba Hospice and members of the Hospice Executive will be in attendance to receive our cheque.

It would be wonderful if yourself and your lady may be able to join us.

Kym Flehr