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Presented to:

The Patron, Hon. Sir Walter Campbell, A.C., Q.C,

 Younger Clansmen Presented By 

 Andrew Hazell

(D.M. Fraser Bursary Recipient, 2000)

 Angus Edmonds, Esq.,

Principal, Emmanuel College, U.Q.

 James Stewart Wrothwell Wall  Peter Wall, Esq., Father
 Timothy Charles John Miller  John Miller, Esq., Father
 Michael David Tristram  Ian Tristram, Esq., Father
 Cameron Gordon Peter McLean  Malcolm Gerrard, Esq., Friend
 Alexander Reginald Corrie  Sandy Corrie, Esq., Father
 Nicholas Leslie Corrie  David Corrie, Esq., Father

Presented on Friday 25th Novemeber 2005 to:

The Patron, Hon. Mr. Justice Bruce. H. McPherson, CBE., 

The Chieftain, Ron Scott, Esq., D.Urr.,

The President, Doug Porteous, Esq.,

 Younger Clansmen Presented By 
 James Fielding  Charles Elliot, Esq., Friend
 Craig Johnston  Robert Burns, Esq., Friend
 David John Mackenzie  Bruce Mackenzie, Esq., Father-in-law
 Gary David Smith  Michael Muirhead, Esq., Father-in-law
 Oliver Victor Gordon Wright  Dr. Gordon Wright, Father
 Robert Alistair Lewis Wright  Dr. Gordon Wright, Father