Results of the Annual General Meeting

The Society held our AGM on 2 October at Emmanuel College. Chief outcome is the annual appointments of office bearers to both the Board and Council. The appointments for 2012 – 2013 were as follows:
  • President: Ian Ferguson
  • Vice-President: Jack Vaudin
  • Secretary: Alistair McNee
  • Assistant Secretary: Jack Vaudin
  • Treasurer: Alex McConnell
  • Patron: Bruce McPherson
  • Chieftain: Doug Porteous
  • Chaplain: Vacant
  • Public Officer: Geoff Gunn
  • Solictor: Andrew Muir
  • Auditor: Ivor Worrell
  • Editor: Jim Worrell
  • Assistant Editor: James Worrell
  • Web site: John Petrie
  • Council Chair: Don Galloway
  • Council Deputy Chair: Jim Worrell