Thank you in anticipation for your generous support, which will enable us to continue our important and valuable sponsorship of outstanding students.

The reputation the Scots have of being niggardly and mean is undeserved and totally wrong. The Scots are in fact a nation of caring people who are canny and generous in the extreme. Ask anyone who has had the pleasure of being a guest in that special country!

David Bolton
Former Bursary Convenor

How to support

Any contribution that you are prepared to make can be directed either to the Society’s Foundation or to the Bursary Fund. A contribution to the Foundation is tax deductible whilst a contribution to the Bursary Fund is not at present. Funds received into the Foundation specifically for this purpose will be directed without fail to the Bursaries.

The Bursary Fund

This donation will help support the Society in providing bursaries to outstanding students in their own efforts for excellence in education.

It is not presently tax deductible.


The Foundation

This donation will support the Society in its general charitable work. Funds received for the bursaries will be directed without fail.

Donations are tax deductible.


Educational Bursary Award Scheme

We present a number of bursaries to worthy recipients to assist them in their educational pursuits. The scheme was established by the Society in the early 1960’s and has been a mainstay of the Society’s charitable endeavours ever since.

The purpose of the Bursaries are:

  • To encourage and assist qualifying students to attain higher educational levels;
  • To encourage, maintain and foster Scottish traditions in Queensland through future leaders of the community;
  • To promote interest in the Society;
  • To honour the memory of deceased members of the Society who have given outstanding service to the community.

Candiates for the Bursaires should be a student attending a recognised school or college in Queensland and be returning for at least a further year of study.


  • D M Fraser Memorial Bursary; Emmanuel College, University of Queensland
  • A H Mackenzie Memorial Bursary; Brisbane Boys College, Brisbane
  • George C Reid Memorial Bursary; Clayfield College, Brisbane
  • Sir Bruce Shearer Memorial Bursary; Somerville House, Brisbane
  • Rupert Newman Memorial Bursary; Somerville House, Brisbane
  • Dr H Stuart Patterson Bursary; Ipswich Grammar School, Ipswich
  • Professor W M Kyle Memorial Bursary; Fairholme College, Toowoomba
  • Dr A D A Mayes Memorial Bursary; Toowoomba Grammar School, Toowoomba
  • Dr A Gordon Grant Memorial Bursary; Toowoomba Grammar School, Toowoomba
  • Robert Steele Memorial Bursary; Scots PGC College, Warwick
  • William J Crawford Memorial Bursary, Scots PGC College, Warwick
  • A D McGill Memorial Bursary; Scots PGC College, Warwick
Pipe band leader and a Cub make friends, Brisbane. The State Library of Queensland.

They speak of my drinking, but they never think of my thirst.

Old Scots Proverb